6 Easy Steps for Preparing a Raised Garden

6 Easy Steps for Preparing a Raised Garden

Preparing a raised garden is very similar to preparing an inground garden. The main difference is that the raised garden is above the ground. While a raised garden can be time-consuming, it still holds numerous benefits.

  1. Design a Plan

Be sure to label where each flower and vegetable will grow. It is also important to add room for maneuvering around the garden.

  1. Select a Location

An ideal location for your raised garden bed should sit in the sun for at least six hours per day.

  1. Determine Height

If you are unable to till your existing land, the flowers and plants you grow will depend on the garden beds soil. Thus, build a bed that is about three feet high. However, if your existing land is healthy enough for planting, then build a bed that is eight inches high.

  1. Lay Out the Perimeter

If you plan on using corner posts, lay out a string or hose to define the boundaries of the garden. Position the corner posts, then dig a trench about one to two inches deep from post to post.

For a simpler design, simply omit the corner posts and form a rectangle with the front/end and sideboards.

  1. Secure and Level the Bed Frame

Screw together each side wall to the neighboring end or front board. Next, to level the frame, dig and add soil where necessary.

  1. Clean Base and Add Topsoil

Get rid of rocks, weed, and other debris. Finally, add topsoil to the bed. Also, consider adding an irrigation system to ensure yours do not over water.