Best Way for the Lawn Mowing Stripe Pattern

Best Way for the Lawn Mowing Stripe Pattern

Make your lawn look professionally trimmed by utilizing the proper mowing patterns. Using an improper mowing technique can result in overlooking certain spots causing an unsightly appearance. Continue reading to learn about the best lawn mowing stripe patterns:

Edge Your Lawn

To begin mowing your lawn, take two passes with the lawn mower around the outside edges. This step gives you room to properly turn the mower and ensures an even edge to your lawn.

The Strip Pattern

Baseball fields and golf courses commonly use lawn striping. This technique involves mowing over your yard in one pass, making a 180° turn to allow you to take another pass but in the opposite direction, while somewhat overlapping the initial pass. Sounds confusing, but it really is easy. Now, until the lawn is completely mowed, continue to make these passes in alternating directions. These opposing passes provide the effect of alternating dark and light green stripes due to the grass being bent in opposite directions.

The stripe pattern can be accomplished every week. Be sure to mow in a line opposite the line previously mowed. While some people choose to mow horizontally the first week, others may choose to mow vertically the first week, followed by diagonally the next week. The choice is basically up to you as long as you alter the direction week to week. The stripe pattern can easily become your weekly lawn mowing pattern, enhancing the beauty of your landscaping.