How to Prep Your Yard for Winter

How to Prep Your Yard for Winter

Autumn is the time of year that your lawn begins to slow the pace of its growth, allowing you to mow less often. However, this does not mean skip yard work altogether. In fact, this is the best time to prepare your lawn for a rich, healthy growth come spring.

Clear Debris

This time of year, perennial plants die and leaves fall off of the trees. It is important to remove those as well as anything that comes in contact with your lawn to avoid smoothing. Otherwise, dead patches will appear everywhere debris has accumulated.

Pull Weeds

Check over your lawn with a spade, hand weeder, fork, and bucket. Be sure to remove any obvious weeds including their roots. Hold-off on filling in the holes – this will be done later.

Rake Out Moss

Rake out moss and reseed the areas with grass.

Aerate the Soil

Aerate your lawn to allow water, fertilizer, and oxygen to reach the roots. To aerate, you can penetrate the lawn by using an aerating tool. While a plug remover is best to use, it takes much more time. To provide basic aeration, a simple spike should be sufficient.

Apply Top Dressing

Purchase a sandy soil mix to spread around your yard, filling in the aeration holes using a brush. While working the soil into your lawn, it should mostly disappear.


Apply proper lawn treatments, being sure to include pre-emergent weed killer, grub killers, and fertilizer following the package instructions.

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