How to Properly Layer Soil in a Square Foot Garden

How to Properly Layer Soil in a Square Foot Garden

If you are considering building a square foot garden, you must choose a method for layering the soil and learn how to properly complete it. The easiest description for a square foot garden is as a raised garden divided up into 1 square foot sections in order to isolate the plants.

Decide on a Location

You want your garden in a location that is easily accessible but not in the way. It must get plenty of sun, while also being protected from harsh weather and winds.

Decide on a Design

Prior to designing your garden, you must choose what exactly you want to grow. Next, determine how many squares you will need for each plant and add them up. There are many designs to choose from including long skinny rows, square, T-shaped, or the rectangular design.

Build the Square Foot Garden

The ideal way to build the garden is to first build the box and then construct permanent grids to fit in the garden box.

Layering the Soil

One way to properly lay the soil is adding a mixture of 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 compost, and 1/3 of course vermiculite.

A second method is to include a bottom layer of mulch, such as wood mulch or grass clippings, followed by compost on the top of the mulch.

A third method calls for a newspaper to line the base, followed by layers of compost and soil until the flower bed is deep enough.

Laying the Grid and Planting

After your soil is in place, lay the grid and begin planting.