How to Properly Space Trees When Planting

How to Properly Space Trees When Planting Them

One of the best ways to expand or renew your backyard woods is tree planting. If there is sufficient rain, trees will grow in open fields and reproduce naturally after wildfires, tree harvests, and storms. The process is sped up through tree planting and it allows you to personally select the type of trees you want in your backyard woods. This is a long-term investment, with benefits not only you, but your children, grandchildren, and their children as well.

What Trees to Plant

It is important to plant native species, as they are adapted to the conditions of your location. Local specialized stores and state nurseries are great sources for tree species matching your climate.

How to Space the Trees

Whether you plant tree randomly or in rows, trees need to be given space to grow. The proper spacing depends on your purpose.

At extremely close spacing, trees experience reduced height growth. Diameter growth starts to decrease when branches on the tree touch. When growth will slow is determined by spacing.

Close spaced trees grow straight and tall, with fewer and smaller branches on the lower stem. However, wide spaced trees reduce the number of trees to purchase and plant but are can increase needed weed control. With wider spaced trees, the crowns will be larger and have more branches. These trees may produce seed faster, and the wildlife is provided with food from the undergrowth. But, fire hazards may also be increased from the undergrowth.

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