Important Reasons Why You Need to Cycle Your Mulch

Important Reasons Why You Need to Cycle Your Mulch

Applying mulch is a practice many homeowners take on yearly. This is for good reason. Mulch acts as a protective layer, keeping weeds out and maintaining moisture to nourish plants. However, mulch loses its function and luster once it is past its prime.

Mulch wears out from sun, rain, decomposition, and landscape cleanups, having a lifespan of about 10 months. Skipping cycling your mulch will sacrifice the health of your plants and the curb appeal of your property.

When to Lay Mulch

Spring is a common time of year to lay down a fresh layer of mulch. However, you may choose to wait based on when your plants will be pruned. Also, there is less demand in summer, making the costs decrease. Whether the fresh layer of mulch is applied in the first of spring, summer, or fall, it is important for your properties appearance and health of your plants.

Top Reasons for Mulch

The most common reason for mulch is the cosmetic appearance. A fresh layer of mulch provides a clean, crisp look to your landscape. You greatly improve the curb appeal of your home by covering scattered, faded mulch with even a thin layer of new mulch.

Another common reason for mulching is the health benefit provided to your plants. Fresh, clean mulch conceals plant roots, adding a layer of protection to these imperative veins that deliver nourishment and food. Mulch also works hard at suppressing weeds and locking moisture in, helping with irrigation efforts.