Proper Way to Plant a Flower and How Deep to Seed

Proper Way to Plant a Flower and How Deep to Seed

Using seeds to grow flowers is cost-effective and easy. You can start to grow your flower seed in a planter, indoors, or outside in your flower bed or garden. The most essential elements of growing a flower from seed are sunlight, moisture, and proper soil. Once the seed becomes a flower, simply care for it as you would other flowers.

Helpful Guideline for Depth of Seed

If you are unable to find the specific needs of your seed, consider these helpful guidelines:

  • Seeds generally are planted at a depth of two times the diameter or width of the seed. As an example, consider a seed that is 1/8 inch thick. This seed would be planted approximately 1/4 inch deep.
  • Place tiny seeds on the surface of the soil and cover them lightly with vermiculite or soil.
  •  Seeds should not be compacted, but firm.

Planting Flowers

To begin, dig a hole the size stated in the above guidelines for seeds. However, if you are planting a potted flower, heavily drench the soil while the flower is still in the pot. Next, pull the flower gently out of the pot and use your fingers to break up the root ball.ikikik

Feed the Flowers

In each hole, add a few tablespoons of slow-release flower food and gently incorporate it in the soil by using your fingers.

Plant the Flower

Plant the seed or flower into each individual hole specifically prepared for them. Fill the empty space around each flower with soil and water daily.