The Wonderful Benefits of Aerating and Rolling Your Lawn

The Wonderful Benefits of Aerating and Rolling Your Lawn

Many lawns benefit from rolling. Through the winter and while the frost and snow leave the ground, our lawns can become very uneven. The thought behind rolling your lawn is that by utilizing a large, heavy machine that rolls over our lawns, the extra water from various weather conditions can be squeezed out, which creates a more level ground.

When to Roll Your Lawn

The ideal time to roll your lawn would be in the early spring while there is still plenty of water in it. Waiting until your lawn is almost dry can cause you to compact your lawn from crushing the air pockets out of the lawn. This action can cause root damage to the grass. Rolling your lawn allows it to be much easier to mow the grass during the summer months.

Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn has benefits as well. It can control thatch, relieves soil compaction, and reduces how often the lawn needs watering. How often you should aerate your lawn depends on the type of soil you have. With heavy soil that tends to become hard by the middle of summer, you should aerate every other year. However, with sandy soil aeration is needed only every two or three years.

To aerate your lawn, thousands of hollow tines are inserted into the ground, pulling out plugs of dirt. This hole allows the increase in the exchange of nutrients, air, and water between the roots and the surface. The thatch layer is also broken down from this process.

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